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About the Artist

Jennifer Kemper has been making pottery professionally for over 35 years. She started the process of learning to make pottery during her school years in Southern California. Later, after moving to Upstate New York, she continued with it, eventually turning it into a small business, Kemper Pottery in 1979.

At first she specialized in traditional functional pottery, gradually adding decorative items, beads, and mixed media to the blend. At this time, Jennifer makes over 100 different pottery items, plus many other one-of-a-kind mixed-media crafts from recycled materials.

Miniature Pottery- all manner of small things to play with or display- check back for new photos.

 email [email protected]

Phone- 607-783-2895

About the pottery

In forming the pottery, first clay is prepared for use, then the item is formed using traditional hand- processes such as turning on the potters' wheel, hand-building from rolled-out slabs, modeling and molding.

The pottery is made of stoneware clay, which is fired to 2250 F, that can withstand use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. It is attractive enough to go from oven-to-table, and also be used for food storage. Care should be taken, however as a sudden change of temperature, such as pouring cold liquid into a hot dish, can cause cracking. Freezing a pot with liquid inside can cause the pottery to break, so care should be taken to bring planters and such indoors in freezing weather.

Small imperfections are normal in handmade goods, and occasionally you'll find them. Items may also vary slightly in size or shape. If so, please take them as a sign of the item being made by a person rather than a factory, with a personality of its own.

Food-safe, lead-free, oven and microwave-safe. Most items are Dishwasher-safe

Patterns available- see photo gallery-most items can be made in any pattern shown in this album.

Cool Junque

Things made with recycled, upcycled materials including lamps, wind chimes, masks, candle holders and shadow boxes, some for sale, some not. Now I have Tote bags made from recycled feed bags!

Ordering Information

You can order pottery by calling 607-783-2895 ( 9AM-6 PM EST) or email  [email protected]

Payment methods accepted- Paypal and check. Check must be mailed and received prior to shipping. Cash is accepted on items that are picked up at the studio by the buyer. Pick-up is preferred to shipping and you can arrange for me to bring your item to any craft fair that I attend. Shipping can be arranged but a packaging fee may be added to the shipping cost.

Wholesale Information

Contact me at 607-783-2895 or [email protected]. This website functions as a portfolio of sorts, so that you can see what type of items I make and in what color ranges.

You must have a brick-and-mortar store. No sales to craft fair or flea market vendors.  I will need your store name and address and a copy of your NYS sales tax certificate. No sales to those stores that  are in close proximity of another one of my accounts.

I do not ship wholesale orders. They should be picked up from my place of business or delivery may be arranged, for an extra fee.


Recent Photos

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